Sourdough Start


A lot of people make sourdough into a complicated art form. While it absolutely can be, we’ve found that our favorite recipes are bare-bones simple. We’ve even stopped using a mixer to make our bread! This heirloom start has been cared for since the mid 1800s which means that it is tough as nails and hard to kill. It can make a very sour tasting sourdough, but by default, using Bydand family recipes, it will impart only a mild flavor to your baked goods. This makes it perfect for making everything from sandwich bread to pizza dough, bagels, pancakes, crepes, crackers and more.

You will receive 10g of dehydrated start and instructions on waking it up and maintaining it through the years. Don’t miss our “Minimalist Sourdough” class that you can access for free in the “Learn” section of It will teach you a utilitarian approach to making sourdough that gets the job done with as little work as possible. From there, you can branch out and get as fancy as you want! All our family sourdough recipes are included!

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