We’re the Gordons. “Bydand” is the ancient motto of the Scottish Gordon Clan. There’s lots of history there, but the short version is that it translates to “abide.”  A beautiful word!

To our family, abide means to dwell, to rest, to stand firm and immovable despite hardships in life. It also means “to be prepared for” and “to await.”

As storm clouds gather and the world appears dark, we will abide. We will watch for goodness with upturned eyes and lifted hearts. We will strive to be the Lord’s instruments in helping others. All in joy. Look forward with faith for all that He has promised! Bydand forever.🌲

In our family schooling, we value the principles in The Georgics (written by Virgil in 29-ish B.C.): There is power in being reconnected to the earth, in self-reliance, community inter-dependence, stewardship, entrepreneurship, and the growth that comes from hard work and forgiveness. 

Through our efforts, we hope to inspire, teach, and create products that can bless others. We’re always learning something new; come learn with us!